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My Robot Boyfriend

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A story revolving around a medical student who gets into an accident and receives mechanical enhancements implanted by his own father. It follows a man who is half-human and half-robot and his encounters when it comes to romance, family, and friendship.

Because of an accidental meeting, journalism intern Jiang Meng Yan falls in love at first sight with Lin Mo Bai and begins a one-sided pursuit to win his heart. While on a medical trip to Bingchuan, Li Mo Bai gets into a serious accident. His scientist father Lin Si Tan reconstructs a portion of Li Mo Bai’s body to be governed by artificial intelligence. Meng Yan and Mo Bai’s meeting start a love story with many ups and downs.

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Durasi: 45 Min
Tanggal Terakhir Mengudara:13 Dec 2019
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